Customer Success

Email like this make the shit we get from other people in the ‘IT Experts’ industry, the hate mail from anti-cloud crusaders and the facebook trolls that get their panties in a knot when we suggest GDrive beats Dropbox all worth it.

It makes the bad days when a project is late and the customer is pissed worth it.

It makes the revenue and profit hit we took when we stopped flogging servers and Microsoft crap (because it was ‘the way it was always done’) worth it.

This customer was driving to his office to collect his emails, his internet was throttled by the IT guys at his serviced office, making everything run slower and keeping him from important family time.

Who wants to be a slave to an office? Fuck that!

He’s a financial planner and can now share documents with his Paraplanners who work remotely. He can now get his work done while watching his Son practice cricket!

Now he works on his terms, isn’t shackled by #shittech and our team made that happen… and that makes me awesomely proud 🙂

Big ups Krunal & Hardy from itGenius Australia you guys rock